Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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Disposable 4400 Series

Disposable 4400 SeriesTE Logo

Meas specs Disposable 4400 Series , sterile, single use temperature probes in multiple styles to meet specific continuous patient temperature monitoring applications. Compatible with most medical thermometers and monitoring equipment.


  • disposable 4400 series Full Disposable Probe Product Line
  • Esophageal/Stethoscope probes,12,18&24FR
  • General Purpose probes, 9&12FR
  • Skin probes with adhesive “Tempheart”
  • Foley Catheter probes, 14,16,18FR
  • FDA and CE Registered
  • Multi-language instructions for use.
  • “Molex” style connector

400 series nominal resistance response curve



  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Esophageal temperature temperature measurement(4491,4492)
  • Rectal temperature measurement(4491,4492)
  • Skin temperature measurement(4499)
  • Esophageal temperature & monitor heart sounds(4412,4418,4424)
  • Urinary drainage & bladder temperature(4464,4466,4468)

Performance Specs

Parameter                                                                     Units                 Value

Resistance                                                                         Ohms                  2252.4

Tolerance 25C to 45C                                                     C                           +/-0.1

Beta Value  25/85                                                            K                          3976

Tolerance on Beta Value                                               %                          0.4

Typical response time in stirred fluid                    Seconds              <40

Insulation Res(min of 100M ohms 1 sec)             Volts                    500

Liquid immersion with 15 VDC applied                Ohms                  >15 Meg

Mechanical Details


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