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Humidity Transducers

Designed for the HVAC industry our new Humidity Transducers offer superior reliablity and accuracy. Using the Sensirion SHT21 sensor these transducers are easily installed and similtaneously reads RH humidity and temperature. The Humidity Transducer is housed in a polycarbonate enclosure it offer excellent resistance to contaminants and moisture. Available with optional LCD display. The SHT21 provides humidity accuracy of ±3%RH and temperature tolerance of ±0.3°C at 25°C. Both transducers are available with either current or voltage output.



 Humidity  Transducers


 Humidity Wall Transducer

  • Sensirion SHT21 sensor
  • Humidity Temperature output
  • easy mounting
  • Reliable and accurate

Data Sheet



 Humidity Transducer




Humidity Duct Sensor

  •  Sensirion SHT21 Sensor
  • Accuracy RH ±3%, Temp ±0.3°C
  • Easy installation in Ducts
  • Polycarbonate housing

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