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Medical Sensors

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Thermal Components offers a range of TE Connectivity (formerly YSI) reusable and disposable Medical Sensors for the Medical market. These Medical Sensors are FDA and CE approved for medical device manufacturing and ISO13485 certified. They have been developed in conjunction with OEM manufacturers of medical equipment to meet the demanding quality required. Ideal for measuring internal core and skin temperature. Single use and resuseable options available with autoclaveable variants. Standard medical NTC thermistors compatible with monitoring equipment. All probes can be used with our 4600 series precision thermometer

Medical temp probes 

Disposable Probes 4400 Series


Medical sensors for skin temperature401  Esophagael/Rectal Probe

403 Tubular Probe

409A Skin  Probe

427 Pediatric Skin Probe

705 Air Temperature Probe










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