Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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RTD Probes

Thermal Components now offer a wide range of RTD Probes for Industrial, Medical, Laboratory and Aerospace applications. Using the  range of TE Sensor elements


TE LogoMotor RTD Probes

Description: Paddle Stator RTD Probe also called Air or Gas RTD’s, measure incoming or outgoing air temperatures in Motors and Generators. Paddle Stator RTD’s are built with holes for mounting. The air sensors provide consistent thermal monitoring without false alarms. Paddle stator RTD’s  are built to meet the specification of ANSI C50.10-1990 general requirements for synchronous.



RTD Probes (2)Rear exit, Epoxy glass laminated

  • Elements- single and dual. Platinum, Copper, Nickel
  • Lead wire/ cable options



 Surface RTD’s

Description: A Platinum RTD covered in a Silicon or Polymide  coating. They are used to monitor or measure temperature on round or uneven surfaces in Motor, Generator and Aerospace applications.

surface RTD

Polymide Surface RTD


  • Temp range -50°C~260°C
  • Style: Potted Wire wound and Thin film RTD’s
  • Adhesive backing available
  • Silicon version chemical resistant

 RTD- Air Sensing

Description: RTD Air Sensing probes come in 3 different housing styles for Industrial and  HVAC and  1 for Aerospace applications. Custom design are welcome

RTD Face Plate

RTD Faceplate






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