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Digital Sensors


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provide high measurement accuracy accompanied by low power consumption and user friendly integration capability. They are ready to use with factory-set calibration which makes them an ideal replacement for complex circuits. Temperature, Humidity/Temperature and Pressure sensors are available with a variety of output platforms such as I²C, SPI.

What are Digital Sensors

A Digital Sensor outputs it’s measurement information in a digital format of Bits and Bytes. The basic sensing element is still analog and provides an analog signal. Electronics in the sensor digitize this analog signal and format it for easy communication using an analog to digital converter (ADC). Industry standard formats have been developed for digital communication with sensors and transducers. The most common of these formats are SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface) and Inter-Integrated Circuit(I²C).

Thermal Components comprehensive range of digital sensors includes temperature, temperature/humidity and the new PTH fusion sensor- an all in one Pressure/Temperature/Humidity. These digital sensors are ideal for weather stations, mobile devices and HVAC industries.

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