Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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NTC Thermistors – Epoxy


Glass Thermistors


NTC Thermistors- Epoxy

Series 1 betacurve & Betacurve Series 2

The BetaCURVE (formerly Betatherm) Series 1 are small(2.5mm dia) epoxy coated interchangeable NTC Thermistors with solid tinned leads. The series offers a range of precision temperature tolerance classifications for a wide variety of applications including medical where where long term stability and reliability are a necessity. The series 2 differs in that it offers teflon insulated leads

Thermistor interchangeability saves the need for expensive individual thermistor calibration. The BetaCurve series interchangeability means that each device will be within the specified R/T published characteristics.


  • Rapid time response(1 second typical in liquids)
  • DC= 0.75mW/C
  • Min/Max temperature range = -80C to 150C
  • Interchangeability


  • Temperature sensing, control and compensation
  • Medical/Laboratory and patient monitoring
  • Aerospace/Military Instrumentation
  • Assembly into probes for a wide range of applications


The Betacurve Series 6 are similar in dimensions to the Series 1, however designed specifically for Medical applications. The Series 6 are specified with a temperature tolerance of +/-0.05ºC over the range from +32ºC to +44ºC and is available in different nominal resistances. High accuracy temperature baths(+/-0.01ºC) are used during all stages of assembly and final testing


  • Rapid Time response( 1 second typical in liquids)
  • DC = 0.75mW/ºC
  • Temp range = -80ºC to +150ºC
  • Available in custom probe assemblies


  • Oxygen sensing equipment and instruments
  • Esophagael Catheters
  • Skin sensors
  • Oral and Rectal Probes
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment




The microBetaCHIP NTC Thermistor sensor is BetaTHERM’s smallest packaged NTC thermistor device. This product is developed for applications that require rapid temperature response and applications where space is very limited. The probes are extremely small (0.457mm dia) and fragile. The sensor is potted in a Polyimide tube with epoxy. Adequate moisture protection should be provided when using the device in high humidity applications. The size of the chip allows it to be installed in 20 AWG (0.914mm dia.) thin wall hypodermic tubing. Custom probe assemblies protect the thermistor element from high humidity and mechanical shock. The small mass of the unit allows the sensor to respond very rapidly to temperature changes. This makes the MCD suitable for low volume gas or liquid flow sensing. The probes are also small enough to be placed inside medical catheters.


  • Rapid Time Constant (200 milliseconds in liquid)
  • Custom tolerances available
  • 0.3mW/ degrees Celsius typ. Dissipation Constant in air at 25 degrees Celsius
  • Smaller than our mini BetaCURVE device


  • Low volume flow sensors (liquids or gases)
  • Laboratory animal research
  • Pettier (thermal cooler) temperature tracking sensors
  • Temperature control for bath showers
  • DNA research sensors
  • Medical Catheters
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Mini BetaCURVE Sensor 


The mini BetaCURVE NTC Thermistor Probe is an extension of the BetaCURVE series for applications that require smaller size. Although the mini BetaCURVE is packaged in Polyimide tubing, it is recommended that a moisture protection barrier should be used in applications where high humidity is present. The probes relatively small size allows for high precision sensing where the standard BetaCURVE products are too large or too slow in respect to their thermal Time Constant. The size is compatible with mounting is stainless steel housings that have a nominal outside diameter of 1.524mm.


  • Rapid Time Constant (400 milliseconds in liquid)
  • Standards supplied with .2 degrees Celsius tolerance (0-70 degrees Celsius)
  • Other tolerances available
  • 0.5mW/ degrees Celsius typ. Dissipation Constant in air at 25 degrees Celsius
  • Smaller than regular BetaCURVE series/li>


  • Reduced size allows localized temperature sensing
  • Small medical probes
  • Micro-flow sensing
  • Aerospace temperature sensing
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