Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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Thermistor Temperature Probes

Thermistor Temperature Probes

from Thermal Components offer a  comprehensive range of custom made NTC thermistor temperature probes for a variety of applications. With small MOQ’s we can offer OEM’s in Australasia the option of flexibility of design without having to procure large quantities. We understand the end user requirements of mechanical, electrical and environmental variables within the design function. Key features and benefits include:

Thermistor Temperature Probes




NTC thermistor accuracy and tight tolerances(typically+/-0.1C,+/-0.2C and customized values)Temperature ranges from -100C~+300C (epoxy and glass NTC thermistors used)

Hermetic and water resistant


HVAC Temperature  Probes

Overmoulded Probe


  •  IP68 rated
  • 24 AWG double insulated TPE cable
  • Temperature range -40C ~+125C
  • Available in a range of resistances and tolerance
  • Suitable outdoor applications




  • Optional S/S housing for mechanical protection
  • Temp range -50ºC to +105ºC
  • Tested to 20,000 freeze/thaw cycles
  • Fast response time
  • Moulded sensor head
  • Excellent moisture resistance


    Pipe Clip


IMG_TempSensor_Pipe Probe

  •  Easy push fit
  • Fast time response
  • Robust design




 Pipe Probe-Sensa coil



  • Designed to fit curved pipe
  • Condensor/Compressor applications
  • Easy push fit





                                                                Liquid Sensing Temperature Probes

Boiler Probe

  • Suitable for HWS/Tank applications
  • Thread and connector option available
  • Ideal for closed loop pressurized systems
  • Available indifferent Resistances & Tolerances


Boiler Probe Fast Response


Boiler Probe Fast Response

  •  Stepped down S/S Probe
  • Thermal Response time ≤1 sec
  • Available in different Resistance and Tolerance
  • Ideal for Instaneous water boilers and Solar Systems


Fast Response Probe


  • Response time < 1 sec (in liquids)
  • Available in brass/copper/stainless steel
  • Variety of  Resistances and Tolerance


SS Immersion Probe


  •  Stainless Steel housing
  • High temperature application
  • Variety of sizes and threads



Flange Temperature probe

  •  Stainless steel construction
  • Single or double flange options
  • Fast time response
  • High temperature option available



Pool Spa ProbePool Spa Temperature Probe


Pool/Spa Temperature Probe

Pool/Spa Temperature Probe


  •  Waterproof
  • Easy push fit design
  • Industry 10KΩ Thermistor




Deep Water Temperature Probe


Deep Water Temperature Probe 2

  •  Long-term immersion applications
  • Neoprene/vulcanized/SS construction
  • Meteorlogical and Scientific approvals                                                       




                                                                 AirTemperature  Probes

Bird Cage Probe

  • NTC Sensor exposed to ambient conditions
  • Mechanical protection S/S housing
  • Designed for air flow and gas detection



Surface Temperature Probes

Flag Terminal

  •  Suitable for heatsink applications
  • Cu housing allows fast time response
  • Different resistance and tolerance available



 Meat Probes

Meat Probe

  •  Hi Temp overmoulded Silicon construction
  • Suitable most domestic oven manufacturers
  • S/S piercing probe
  • 3.5mm and 6.35mm Jack plug available




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