Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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YSI Thermistors

YSI  Thermistors (TE Connectivity)

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offer super stability and interchangeability  as tight as ±0.05°C. They are recognized as the premier choice for accurate, stable measurements in critical, demanding applications in diverse markets such as telecommunications, patient temperature, biomedical research, industrial controls, and aerospace

YSI Thermistors

YSI Thermistors

YSI manufactures thermistors and thermistor probe assemblies for use in diverse fields of temperature sensing: from neonatal infant monitoring to tracking the temperature of astronauts in space; from measurement of temperature in the ocean to maintaining critical temperature parameters of satellites; from one -time in a disposable medical probe to decades in buried telecommunications cables. YSI can provide you with the proper thermistor for the job as well as help you design the appropriate probe configuration for your critical temperature applications. When standard thermistors or probes just do not meet your requirements YSI can help. With over 50 years experience helping engineers develop temperature measurement solutions.  YSI maintains a world class temperature to ensure traceability of measurements to the US. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). YSI Thermistors also offer it’s thermistors packaged in custom probes


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