Pipe Temperature Probes

pipe clip temperature sensorIMG_TempSensor_Pipe Probe


Thermal Components  range of Pipe Temperature Probes offers HVAC engineers 2 new sensors that measure pipe surface temperature. These easy to fit clip on Temperature Probes are unique in performance necessary to measure straight and curved bend compressor and condenser coils for refrigeration applications. Available in a range of different NTC thermistor resistances. Pipe size is 3/8″ diameter. The sens-a-coil pipe temperature probes offers HVAC engineers the unique opportunity to measure the temperature on the bend of the return coil. In the past this has been difficult to achieve, however the patented system now is an easy clip on solution. Because the thermistor is housed in a small brass bulb which offers fast response time to refrigerant temperature changes.

The standard straight line pipe temperature probe offers an economical solution combined with fast response time through small diameter copper housing that is then overmoulded for mechanical and moisture protection.

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