The TT2 series NTC “pearl” thermistors are glass encapsulated sensing devices with standard electrical characteristics, however, tolerate higher ambient temperature conditions. Custom electrical characteristics can be produced in this configuration also. The glass encapsulation provides excellent stability and durability (moisture resistance) in an established product style. TT2 series thermistors are available with dumet wire with or without polyimide tubes for insulation.


  • Glass encapsulation provides extra moisture protection and interchangeability,
  • Available in 1.5mm and 2.5mm diameter
  • Interchangeable versions available- tolerance to +/-0.2C
  • Proven Stability and Reliability.
  • Designed for temperature measurement, control and compensation
  • Available with dumet wire with or without polyimide tubes insulation
  • Available in custom probe assemblies


  • HVAC Products
  • White Goods
  • Industrial, Instrumentation
  • Chemical Industry
  • Medical


Resistance values at 25°C: 1kΩ to 231kΩ
Resistance tolerance: from ±1% to ±20%
B values (25/85): from 2668K to 4535K
Minimum operating temperature: -50°C
Maximum operating temperature: 300°C
DC (Dissipation Constant): from 0.24mW/°C
to 1.5mW/°C
typical in still air at 25°C