Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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USB Thermometers




USB Thermometers

offers Laboratories and Process validation unrivaled accuracy and ease of plug and play option. Simply plug the USB connector to your computer and utilize the free software to read and log your temperature process. There are a number of probes to suit any application that you require with accuracies up to ±0.05°C. NIST traceable certificate is available upon request 


USB Thermometer Probes

 Available from Thermal Components are precision USB temperature sensors accurate to ±0.1°C from freezing to boiling (0°C~+100°C). Available in Plug & Play (HID) as well as USB-Seriel (UART) the DirectTemp USB temperature sensor can easily be configured to fit your temperature sensing needs.







DTU-6001 This data logger was designed to replace traditional dial thermometers.

It is ideal for measuring temperature in liquid filled tanks and vats








DTU6001-002. This USB thermometer is ideal for use as a general purpose temperature sensor

It has a 1/8 inch NPT housing with a 1 inch long probe








DTU6005 is ideal as a general purpose thermometer.

The probe measures 2 inches and comes with 10 foot or 30 feet PVC cable








DTU6005-008 was designed as a calibration probe for liquid immersion

It features a 9 inch stainless steel probe









DTU6009 Great as a general use indoor/outdoor thermometer.

The DTU6009 feature Ni plated ring lug probe + 10 feet cable









DTU6009-003 An insulated ring lug terminal and 10 feet of durable cable

This data logger is a good choice for a variety of uses










Designed as a general use  probe for indoor surface temperature monitoring

This Direct Temp  probe features a Stainless steel disc sensor and comes with 10 feet of cable









DTU 6024 This waterproof thermometer is built to withstand freeze/thaw cycles making

it ideal for HVAC and refrigeration applications










DTU6028 is a multipurpose good for food inspection to

laboratory liquid temperature monitoring










DTU6028-008 is designed as a heavy use food thermometer

It features a stainless steel probe with 6 feet of coiled cord










DTU6035 is ideal for air temperature measurement featuring an

open “Bird Cage” sensor for fast thermal response time






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