Biomedical Probes for Laboratories

Thermal Components is at the forefront of BioMedical Probes for healthcare and laboratory applications. The BioMedical Probes deliver continuous high precision accuracy and every probe is traceable to US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The patented manufacturing techniques ensure that every Biomedical Probe is interchangeable with every other probe of the same series. All probes are compatible with the 4600 series precision thermometer and all come with NIST certification.

For applications requiring small size and rapid time response. The 500 series can be used with the 4600 series precision thermometer. Ideal for Medical and Laboratory applications:

BioMetric Probes551  20 Gauge Hypodermic





  552  22 Gauge Hypodermic





554   1mm Catheter Probe

555  0.7mm Catheter Probe