The 8 Series NTC Glass Probe is NTC thermistor chips which are encapsulated in a glass envelope. The glass probe provides a hermetically sealed barrier to protect the sensor element from harsh environments. The Series 8 probes are available with dumet wires with or without polyimide tubes for insulation. The construction makes this NTC Glass probes ideal for potting into metal housings for immersion in fluids.

  • Glass encapsulation provides extra moisture protection and interchangeability
  • Proven Stability and Reliability.
  • Designed for temperature measurement, control and compensation
  • Available with Dumet wires with/without polyimide insulation
  • Available in custom probe assemblies
      • Applications

        • HVAC
        • Industrial, Instrumention
        • Chenical Industrial
        • Medical

        Shape & Dimensions


Electrical Characteristics

Resistance Values @ 25ºC:                                                               1KΩ to 231KΩ

Resistance tolerance:                                                                   from ±1% to ±20%

Beta Values(25/85):                                                               from 2668K to 4535K

Operating Temperature:                                                       from -50ºC to +300ºC

DC :                                                  from 0.24mW/ºC to 1.5mW/ºC (in still air at 25ºC)