The TT5 series NTC thermistors are very small size sensing devices that provide very quick response time. The small size enables the thermistor to be packaged into 20AWG thin-walled hypodermic tubing Wide range of tolerances and wire configurations make them an ideal choice for temperature sensing, control and compensation. Epoxy filled polyimide tube makes TT5 a perfect solution for applications where improved moisture protection is required.


  • Point or Curve matched characteristics,
  • Custom size tube and wire configuration,
  • Improved moisture protection
  • Tight resistance and Beta Value tolerance,
  • Excellent stability and reliability,
  • Rapid Response Time,
  • Small size- 0.5mm diameter


  • Ambient temperature sensing, control and compensation,
  • Liquid or gas temperature control and monitoring
  • Medical Probes YSI400 Series compatible
  • Small probes assemblies- medical catheters
  • Computer and Communications Industry
  • Laboratory Probes


Wide range of resistance values and R/T characteristics from 0.5kΩ to 100kΩ.
Resistance tolerance: from +/-0.05°C to +/- 1.0°C
Beta Constant tolerance: from ±0.5%
Typical response time: ~400 milliseconds in liquid
Typical dissipation constant: 0.5mW/°C
in air in 25°C
Standard scope of work: from -40°C to 125°C