TT6 series thin film thermistors are frequently used for applications where limited space is a concern. With a typical thickness of 0.55mm, they are the ideal choice for precise temperature measurement between flat surfaces where quick response time is critical. TT6 series thermistors are available with a wide range of RT characteristics and typical measurement tolerance less than +/-0.3°C.


  • Quick response time
  • Small thickness
  • Low cost
  • Very good long term stability
  • Point Matched Characteristics down to 1%
  • Wide range of Resistance and Beta Values
  • Operating temperature range: from -40°C to 120°C
  • Available with lead extensions to customer requirements


  • PC/Laptop
  • Office automation equipment
  • Heat-sinks temperature measurement
  • Battery Packs


R25°C 0.3~3000KΩ
B25/50°C 2900~5100K
Dissipation Constant (in still air) ≥ 2.1mW/°C
Thermal Time Constant (In still air ) ≤ 3 S
Working Temperature -30°C ~120°C