TT-3/TT-S SERIES NTC Epoxy Coated Chip Thermistor

The TT-3/TT-S series NTC thermistors are small size epoxy coated sensing devices. Wide range of tolerances and wire configurations makes them the ideal choice for temperature sensing, control and compensation. The TT-3 series are interchangeable thermistors point matched.


  • Curve matched characteristics,
  • Custom size and wire configuration,
  • Fast Response Time,
  • Tight resistance and Beta Value tolerance,
  • Excellent stability and reliability.


  • Ambient temperature sensing, control and compensation,
  • Liquid or gas temperature control and monitoring
  • Assembly into probes
  • Laboratory Probe
  • Industrial applications,
  • Computer and Communications Industry
  • HVAC, White Goods, Military.
  • Medical


Resistance values: 0.1kΩ to 1000kΩ
Resistance tolerance: +/-0.05°C to +/- 1°C
Operating temperature range: from -50°C to 150°C (depending on the product type)
DC (Dissipation Constant): 0.75mW/°C to 2.0mW/°C in still air at 25°C


Curve Beta Constant (25/85) Beta Constant (0/50) Resistance Range (Ohms)
1 3187 3108 0.5k to 1k
2 3348 3263 0.5k to 2k
3 3976 3892 0.47k to 30k
4 3694 3575 10k to 15k
5 3942 3811 10k to 30k
6 4261 4143 30k to 100k
7 3499 3422 0.3k t