Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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Thermal Component Technologies has a commitment to manufacture and supply the Australasian market with high quality Temperature Sensors, Loggers and Probes. TCT now supplies a range of Sensors to the Medical, Auto, HVAC, Instrumentation and Aerospace Industries.  Our range of Products is extensive, please browse through the list here and access the complete range via the linked product titles.


The T-TEC Data Loggers are the optimal choice due to the latest technology, unique design and powerful user friendly software. Put in anywhere with an optional wall bracket and get all the detailed information on your screen. Curves from up to 8 different locations – data loggers may be called up simultaneously.


NTC’s are sintered ceramic semiconductor that presents resistive properties of non linear changes with increases in temperature. As the temperature increases the resistance decreases. They are used in low to medium temperature applications (-50C to +300C). This change of resistance with temperature is extremely sensitive. Typical changes are minus 7% to 3% per Celcius degree. This is by far the most sensitive of any of the sensor used to measure temperature. Thermistors are generally rated at 25C ranging from 100 ohms to 1 Meg ohm.  


Based on patented tuning fork technology, our Fluid Property sensors measure density, viscosity and dielectric constant of most liquids. Our sensors are designed to operate under various pressure, flow and temperature conditions, and utilize sophisticated software algorithms to dynamically measure fluid properties of oil, fuel/biofuels, coolants and other liquids used in engines, compressors and transmissions.


Based on robust and patented capacitive technology, Thermal Components offers a complete range of calibrated and amplified products measuring relative humidity. Accurate dew point and absolute humidity measurement are made possible through the combination of relative humidity and temperature measurement. Our products are qualified in the most demanding applications including automotive, heavy truck and aerospace. We offer a variety of output signals including digital(frequency) and analog voltage, as well as customized  and proprietary outputs including PWM, PDM,LIN and CAN.


Thermal Components offer MEAS Photo Optic Sensors in both component and complete sensors. Components feature dual LED, bi-wavelength emitters and specially paired photo detectors. These components are packaged into complete sensors for pulse oxometry (SpO2)  for medical applications. These platforms includes re-useable finger clips, soft silicon boots and a range of disposable sensors


Handheld 4600 series Precision Thermometers take metrology-level temperature measurement to the laboratory, the manufacturing floor, and the field, at an affordable price. Specifically designed for applications in which require high accuracy and interchangeability. The 4600 series gives you high precision and the convenience of off the shelf 400 series probes. All products come with NIST traceability.


Thermal Components offers a wide range  of customized and standard Temperature Sensors which are designed to meet the specific electrical and mechanical requirements of each application. These assemblies are suitable for temperature measurement and sensing for temperatures ranging from -80C to +300C. Common housings materials include 316 stainless steel, brass, copper, plastic and ceramics.


Thermal Components offers a range of MEAS-Spec reusable and disposable sensors for the Medical market.

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