Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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Thermistors for Medical Applications

Thermistors for Medical Applications have, for decades, and are still relative and reliable  which this field demands. Thermistors sensitivity and interchangeability are the necessary charateristics required for monitoring patient temperature. Patient temperature is measured using thermistors that are packaged in variety of probes such as skin(surface) rectal, esophageal and catheter probes for subcutaneous applications. NTC


Thin Film NTC Thermistor

Thermal Component Technologies has released a new Thin Film NTC Thermistor. The Thin Film NTC Thermistor are frequently used for applications where space is a concern and standard design are not thin enough. With a typical thickness of 0.55mm offers the solution engineers have been looking for. They are an ideal choice for precise temperature measurement between flat surfaces where


Glass Probe Thermistor

  Glass Probe Thermistor – 8 Series Ever had problems sourcing what thermistor to use in caustic liquid enviornments? Solutions have been available, but never quite offering a device with a repeatable tight tolerance. Thermal Component Technologies Glass probe 8 series thermistor are glass devices with standard electrical characteristics similar to the standard Glass A and B series

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