Glass Probe Thermistor


Glass Probe Thermistor – 8 Series

Ever had problems sourcing what thermistor to use in caustic liquid enviornments?

Solutions have been available, but never quite offering a device with a repeatable tight tolerance.

Thermal Component Technologies Glass probe 8 series thermistor are glass devices with standard electrical characteristics similar to the standard Glass A and B series thermistors with a 1% tolerance, however offering a longer sheath for direct immersion into liquids . The glass encapsulation offer superior stability and durability over time. The 8 series thermistor range is offered with dumet wires with/ without polyimide tubes for insulation. These NTC probes are ideal for harsh enviornments and suitable for potting into brass or stainless steel housings for locating in containers etc. They also offer the advantage of high temperature situations remaining stable to 325C, tolerating intermittent maximum of 550C. Series 8 offers thermistor sensitivity at high temperatures.

Design Engineers will appreciate the variety of applications that they will be able to use these probes for such as medical and chemical and will be especially suitable for laboratory temperature monitoring.

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Technical Update:

  • Resistance @ 25C  –  1K ohm ~ 231K ohm
  • Tolerance                –  from 1% ~ 20%
  • Beta Value               –  from 2668 K~ 4535 K
  • Temp range                   -50C ~ +300C

  • Long glass probe offers moisture resistance for direct immersion
  • Resistance to  most chemicals
  • Available in custom probes
  • Interchangeable
  • HVAC
  • White Goods
  • Industrila. Instrumentation
  • Chemical Industry
  • Medical