High Temperature Thermistors

With advances in technology Thermal Components now offers high temperature thermistors to a maximum 500°C .  This now opens up thermistors to be used in applications where RTD’s have been the preferred option. Two versions are available 1K ohm @200°C and 4K ohms @ 200°C. The patented design involves the use of a new high temperature glass encapsulation of the chip. The glass enveloped chip is then neatly aligned with a ceramic base which allow a neat package along offering long term stability. Leads are 71mm dumet wires. This allows for the high temperature thermistors to be easily housed in a stainless steel tube with ceramic tube to insulate the wires in the tube. A wide range of custom designs are available for different applications

High Temperature Thermistors


  • Max operating Temperature…….500°C
  • Thermal Time Constant……. 18 secs
  • Dissipation Constant…. 1.5mW/°C
  • Insulation Resistance…….. Min 100MΩ @ 500VDC

Applications High Temperature Thermistors

  •  Monitoring the temperature of gases, flame for industrial applications
  • Exhaust Temperature for combustion engines
  • Microwave ovens