Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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are manufactured from formulations of ceramic materials based on transition metal oxides. These various mixtures of oxides provides the thermistors with different resistance rates of change per Degree C . This is important for specific temperature ranges that are to be measured.

NTC  devices are extremely versatile components in electronic circuits. They offer distinct advantages in terms of matching impedance levels to available instrumentation or compensation circuit needs.  The  material composition, for example, can be adjusted and customized to achieve a desired- resistivity – temperature response, within certain constraints, for a sensing device.

Precision NTC’s offers designers the greatest sensitivity to temperature of any temperature sensing component. They exhibit a negative temperature coefficient  of resistance in the region of -3%/°C to -5%/°C at 25°C. This is roughly an order of magnitude higher than the sensitivity of PTC metal resistors or thermocouple sensor elements. This provides some distinct advantages in system designs where sensitivity, circuit simplicity and overall system costs are important.

Thermal component complete range  offers design engineers products to suit most applications. We have the largest stock in Australia from epoxy and glass interchangeable thermistors, with tolerances as critical as ±0.05 ideal for patient monitoring in the Medical market. Fast time response thermistors, with diameters down to 0.5mm offer unrivaled time response capabilities. Many of the thermistors have the required approvals for medical and aerospace applications. We also offer our customers the facility of packaging the thermistors in custom designed probes to suit your design criteria.






 Thermistor Applications

  • Medical : Internal/external body temperature, blood dialysis, catheters, incubator temperature, respiration rates
  • Automotive: oil and engine coolant control, air conditioning, defrost
  • Aerospace: Missile and spacecraft temperature, aircraft temperature, fire control
  • Consumer: clothes dryers, oven/ refrigeration controls,coffee makers, pool and spa controls
  • Industrial: HVAC equipment, Solar systems, fire detections, liquid level indication, copy machines
  • Instrumentation: Laboratory analysis, platen temperature, portable temperature gauge
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