Temperature Sensors & Probes 

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High Temperature Thermistors

With advances in technology Thermal Components now offers high temperature thermistors to a maximum 500°C .  This now opens up thermistors to be used in applications where RTD’s have been the preferred option. Two versions are available 1K ohm @200°C and 4K ohms @ 200°C. The patented design involves the use of a new high


High Temperature Probes

      High Temperature Probes for a range of applications where standard epoxy thermistor will not tolerate the ambient temperature. Range of hi reliability glass thermistor offer stability at higher temperatures.   High Temperature Probes 200°C Glass NTC thermistor packaged in a Stainless steel housing, for mechanical protection, using Silicon sheathed jacket with FEP insulated wires.


Humidity Filters

    New stainless steel humidity filters for harsh environments. A porous sintered head allows airflow but not environmental contaminants. Digital and analog humidity sensors are easily accommodated in the space provided. 316 stainless steel provides a long term durability. Detachable head allows for easy replacement in the field with 3 0r 4 pin connector


Deep Water Temperature Probe

  Deep Water Temperature Probe The Deep Water Temperature Probe is universally by Scientific and Meteorology organisations to reliably and accurately measure deep water temperatures. The deep sea probe is designed for long- term immersion at considerable depth using a stainless/ neoprene vulcanised seal with a moulded external splice protector. The deep water temperature probe


Pipe Temperature Probes

    Thermal Components  range of Pipe Temperature Probes offers HVAC engineers 2 new sensors that measure pipe surface temperature. These easy to fit clip on Temperature Probes are unique in performance necessary to measure straight and curved bend compressor and condenser coils for refrigeration applications. Available in a range of different NTC thermistor resistances.

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