Meat Probes

Meat Probes

Thermal Components range of Meat Probes are widely used in domestic ovens for monitoring the temperature of meat during the cooking process.  The meat probe use the industry standard glass NTC thermistor as the sensing element. This is housed in a 90mm stainless steel pointed tip which is overmoulded Silicon handle and silicon cable. The cable is terminated with a  3.5mm or a  6.35mm jackplug. These probes are suitable for most oven manufacturers.  Female hi-temp connectors for jack plugs are available.

Meat Probes

Meat Probes

High Temperature Thermistors

With advances in technology Thermal Components now offers high temperature thermistors to a maximum 500°C .  This now opens up thermistors to be used in applications where RTD’s have been the preferred option. Two versions are available 1K ohm @200°C and 4K ohms @ 200°C. The patented design involves the use of a new high temperature glass encapsulation of the chip. The glass enveloped chip is then neatly aligned with a ceramic base which allow a neat package along offering long term stability. Leads are 71mm dumet wires. This allows for the high temperature thermistors to be easily housed in a stainless steel tube with ceramic tube to insulate the wires in the tube. A wide range of custom designs are available for different applications

High Temperature Thermistors


  • Max operating Temperature…….500°C
  • Thermal Time Constant……. 18 secs
  • Dissipation Constant…. 1.5mW/°C
  • Insulation Resistance…….. Min 100MΩ @ 500VDC

Applications High Temperature Thermistors

  •  Monitoring the temperature of gases, flame for industrial applications
  • Exhaust Temperature for combustion engines
  • Microwave ovens

High Temperature Probes



High Temperature Probes

High Temperature Probes


High Temperature Probes for a range of applications where standard epoxy thermistor will not tolerate the ambient temperature. Range of hi reliability glass thermistor offer stability at higher temperatures.


High Temperature Probes 200°C

Glass NTC thermistor packaged in a Stainless steel housing, for mechanical protection, using Silicon sheathed jacket with FEP insulated wires. Double radial crimp applied to ensure strain relief. The insulation also offers resistance to certain chemicals and UV resistant. A range of NTC resistances and tolerances are available to suit customer requirements

High Temperature Probes 250°C

Glass NTC thermistor packaged in Stainless steel housing using braided FEP insulated jacket with FEP insulated wires. Double radial crimp applied to ensure strain relief

Ultra High Temperature Probe 500°C

Launching soon will be an ultra high temperature probe which can tolerate 500°C. Utilizing patented glass sintering this new NTC will offer design engineers the opportunity to replace RTD’s. Special hi temp ceramics will be used for protection.


  • Solar Roof sensors
  • Gas flame monitoring

Humidity Filters


humidity filters


New stainless steel humidity filters for harsh environments. A porous sintered head allows airflow but not environmental contaminants. Digital and analog humidity sensors are easily accommodated in the space provided. 316 stainless steel provides a long term durability. Detachable head allows for easy replacement in the field with 3 0r 4 pin connector system

Deep Water Temperature Probe


Deep Water Temperature Probe

The Deep Water Temperature Probe is universally by Scientific and Meteorology organisations to reliably and accurately measure deep water temperatures. The deep sea probe is designed for long- term immersion at considerable depth using a stainless/ neoprene vulcanised seal with a moulded external splice protector. The deep water temperature probe can withstand the forces of pier mounting in high wave environments. The deep water temperature probe is ideal for applications that include deep water reservoirs, wetlands, wells and tidal stations.

Deep Water Temperature Probe

Deep Water Temperature Probe





Data Sheet

Pipe Temperature Probes

pipe clip temperature sensorIMG_TempSensor_Pipe Probe


Thermal Components  range of Pipe Temperature Probes offers HVAC engineers 2 new sensors that measure pipe surface temperature. These easy to fit clip on Temperature Probes are unique in performance necessary to measure straight and curved bend compressor and condenser coils for refrigeration applications. Available in a range of different NTC thermistor resistances. Pipe size is 3/8″ diameter. The sens-a-coil pipe temperature probes offers HVAC engineers the unique opportunity to measure the temperature on the bend of the return coil. In the past this has been difficult to achieve, however the patented system now is an easy clip on solution. Because the thermistor is housed in a small brass bulb which offers fast response time to refrigerant temperature changes.

The standard straight line pipe temperature probe offers an economical solution combined with fast response time through small diameter copper housing that is then overmoulded for mechanical and moisture protection.

Pool Spa Temperature Probe


Pool/Spa Temperature Probe


Thermal Components new Pool Spa Temperature Probe features a rubber covered glass NTC temperature sensor encapsulated in a plastic housing . This offers superior waterproofing along with an easy push fit application iserted into a 3/8″ hole. This ensures a long field life and reduction in costs of replacement. Comes with a 4.5 Mtr lead length


Pool Spa Temperature Probe

Thermistors for Medical Applications

Thermistors for Medical Applications have, for decades, and are still relative and reliable  which this field demands. Thermistors sensitivity and interchangeability are the necessary charateristics required for monitoring patient temperature. Patient temperature is measured using thermistors that are packaged in variety of probes such as skin(surface) rectal, esophageal and catheter probes for subcutaneous applications.

NTC thermistors are also used for measuring flow in inserted devices.  A pair of matched thermistors can be attached to the tip of a catheter which can be guided to different locations of the heart to measure blood flow. Either they can be heated by a coil of flushed with cold saline to measure blood flow rates. . When flushed with cold saline, the first sensor gets cooled more than the second because the blood flow warms up the saline that reaches the second sensor. . Since the two thermistor sensors are seperated by a known distance and the temperature and the volume of saline is controlled, the blood flow can be calculated by reading the outputs of the two sensors. When cold saline is used these thermistors do not require external power.

Catheter ablation sensors are another example of sensors temporarily inserted through incision to effect specific treatments and/or to take measurements during treatments. Ablation is the process  of selectively killing tissue  to create scar tissue in order to re-route  nerve impulse flow within the heart to correct abnormal arythmias. RF energy is often used in the ablation process. It is critical that the force applied by the catheter tip to the target tissue not exceed predetermined  values to avoid  any possibility of perforating the target tissue.



Thin Film NTC Thermistor

ntc thermistorThermal Component Technologies has released a new Thin Film NTC Thermistor. The Thin Film NTC Thermistor are frequently used for applications where space is a concern and standard design are not thin enough. With a typical thickness of 0.55mm offers the solution engineers have been looking for. They are an ideal choice for precise temperature measurement between flat surfaces where quick time response is critical. The thermistor chip is loaded between 2 conductors then sandwiched with polyimide insulation. This provides excellent moisture resistance, along with flexibility. All the usual benefits of thermistors where sensitivity to temperature change is paramount.

Applications Thin Flim NTC Thermistor

where this type will suit is in the medical industry such as blood bag temperature monitoring for refrigerated storage. Small battery packs will also demand this type where space is particularly limited and quick response is need to prevent heating during charging cycles. Surface temperature of pipes can also be monitored using thin film technology.

ntc thermistor

Glass Probe Thermistor


Glass Probe Thermistor – 8 Series

Ever had problems sourcing what thermistor to use in caustic liquid enviornments?

Solutions have been available, but never quite offering a device with a repeatable tight tolerance.

Thermal Component Technologies Glass probe 8 series thermistor are glass devices with standard electrical characteristics similar to the standard Glass A and B series thermistors with a 1% tolerance, however offering a longer sheath for direct immersion into liquids . The glass encapsulation offer superior stability and durability over time. The 8 series thermistor range is offered with dumet wires with/ without polyimide tubes for insulation. These NTC probes are ideal for harsh enviornments and suitable for potting into brass or stainless steel housings for locating in containers etc. They also offer the advantage of high temperature situations remaining stable to 325C, tolerating intermittent maximum of 550C. Series 8 offers thermistor sensitivity at high temperatures.

Design Engineers will appreciate the variety of applications that they will be able to use these probes for such as medical and chemical and will be especially suitable for laboratory temperature monitoring.

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Technical Update:

  • Resistance @ 25C  –  1K ohm ~ 231K ohm
  • Tolerance                –  from 1% ~ 20%
  • Beta Value               –  from 2668 K~ 4535 K
  • Temp range                   -50C ~ +300C

  • Long glass probe offers moisture resistance for direct immersion
  • Resistance to  most chemicals
  • Available in custom probes
  • Interchangeable
  • HVAC
  • White Goods
  • Industrila. Instrumentation
  • Chemical Industry
  • Medical